IJoSS Vol. II / No. 3

International Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. II, No. 3

Published in Prague

Date of publication:
August 20, 2013

Klára Čermáková, Tatiana Kubátová

Table of Content

Aldegheishem, A.
Evaluation of King Saud University Master Planning Experiment: Lessons to Be Learned

Batum, T. P., & Ersoy, N. F.
How Responsible Is B2B? CSR Sensitivity of B2B Companies in Buying Decision Process

Demirel, Y., & Yücel, İ.
The Effect of Organizational Justice on Organizational Commitment: A Study on Automotive Industry

Elezi, M., & Zenelaj, E.
Drug Production and Trafficking in Albania

Chytil, Z., Klesla, A., & Kosička, T.
Economic analysis of human behavior in terms of health promotion concept

Karataş, S.
The Declaration of Human Right Issues: In the Perspective of Todays World Discussions

Khan, S.
Predictors of Fashion Clothing Involvement amongst Indian Youth

Köksal, O., Erdağ, S., & Arat, T.
An Investigation into Needs-Oriented Motivation Levels of Foreign Language Instructors with Respect to Certain Variables

Mitevska-Encheva, M.
Рrosocial Behavior and Organizational Climate in the Field of Bulgarian Knowledge Managers and Workers

Olejnik, I.
Retirement Savings – Determinants of Households’ Behaviour

Rosha, A., & Konstantinova, E.
The Development of Conceptual Model for Coaching to Improve the Efficiency of Organisation

Samboo, J.
The Microcosm of teaching and learning within the macrocosm of technological change and the challenges of a globalised world, what assessment strategies to adopt?

Yeniçeri, T., & Akin, E.
Determining Risk Perception Differences between Online Shoppers and Non-Shoppers in Turkey

Zeb, A.
Climate Change and Economic Growth in Nordic Countries: An application of smooth coefficient semi-parametric approach

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