The use and future of biofuels

Aydogan, H., Hirz, M., Brunner, H.


Being one of the most primary inputs of everyday life and the industrial world, energy has been used in various ways since the first existence of human beings. When we look at the types of energy used today, we can see that the mainly used types of fuels are fossil based. CO2 is emitted as a result of the combustion of fossil-based fuels. The increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere create a greenhouse effect. Biofuels have been becoming prevalent rapidly because of constantly gaining economic value and concordantly having less negative effects on the environment. All plant and animal based substances with carbohydrate compounds as main components are biofuel resources. This study includes an examination of the different kinds of biofuels and their effects regarding environmental-related aspects.

Keywords: Biofuels, Energy, Environment



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