IJoSS Vol. III / No. 4

International Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. III, No. 4

Published in Prague

Date of publication:
20 November 2014

Klara Cermakova, Tatiana Kubatova

Table of Content




Abdel-Karim, A. H.

Effect of Current Residency Regions across Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors on Current Subjective Financial Situation in Egyptian Population

Aydogan, H., Hirz, M., Brunner, H.

The use and future of biofuels

Davtyan, E.

The Role of Infrastructure in International Relations: the Case of South Caucasus

Jankovic, V., Mitwallyova, H.

The potential of the usage of renewable energy in the Czech Republic

Kikuchi, M.

Reaction of the Inhabitants to Grazing Ban : Case Study of Alashan, Inner Mongolia, China

Koparal, C., Calik, N.            Bank credit card usage behavior of individuals; are credit cards considered as status symbols or are they really threats to consumers´ budgets? A field study from Eskisehir, Turkey 75-97
Kunanusorn, A. Network Development of Social Welfare Promotion Organizations: A Case of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand 98-106
Rod, A. Development, legislative framework and goals of the consolidation institutions in the Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic 107-123
Tasdemir Afsar, S. Impact of the Quality of Work-life on Organizational Commitment: A Comparative Study on Academicians Working for State and Foundation Universities in Turkey 124-152
Chytil, Z., Máslo, L.

(Ir)reversibility of Hysteretic Systems in Post-Keynesian Economics


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