7th International Academic Conference, Prague

The International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences organized the 7th International Academic Conference which was held in September 1-4, 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic, in Hotel Kings Court.

Award has been conferred by the Program Committee to the authors of the best paper presented at the conference.

After the conference, there was also bus trip for conference participants to the Karstejn Castle and the famous Pilsner Urguell Brewery.

Dr. Mojmir Hampl, Vice-Governor of the Czech National Bank, spoke about Monetary Policy in a Small Open and Converging Economy.

Dr. Ivo Strejcek, Member of the European Parliament discussed the Banking Union in Europe.

Dr. Michal Brozka, Chief Analyst of Raiffeisen Bank, spoke about the Once and Future Obstacles to Reaching Escape Velocity.

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