Proceedings of the 1st Macroeconomics and Finance Conference, Prague, Czech Republic

September 1 - 4,  2013

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Date of publication:  30th September, 2013
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Authors Title Pages
Awounang Arthur Chopkeng & Foning Maxime Niee Macroeconomic Volatility and Physical Capital Accumulation in Subsaharan Africa 1-15
Babecký Jan & Galuščák Kamil & Lízal L. Firm-Level Labour Demand: Adjustment in Good Times and During the Crisis 16-61
Babecky Jan & Havranek Tomas & Mateju J. & Rusnak M. & Smidkova K & Vasicek B. Banking, Debt, and Currency Crises: Early Warning Indicators for Developed Countries 62-90
Balli Faruk & Balli Hatice Ozer & Basherx S. A. & Guo J. Determinants of Sector Holders’ Bilateral Portfolio
Balli Faruk Determinants of risk sharing through remittances: cross-country evidence 116-154
Bhattarai Badri & Sharma Kishor Aid, Policy and Growth: The Case of Nepal 155-172
Carabotta Laura Which Agency and which Period is the Best? Analyzing National and International Fiscal Forecasts in Italy (IJoES Vol. II / No. 3 / 2013) 173
Chairakwattana Kmonwan & Nathaphan Sarayut Stock Return Predictability by Bayesian Model Averaging: Evidence from Stock Exchange of Thailand 174-192
Chunhachinda Pornchai & Li Li Income Structure, Competitiveness, Profitability and Risk: Evidence from Asian Banks 193-212
Chytilova Helena Methodological Considerations of Macroeconomic Experiments 213-223
Çevik Savaş & Yeniçeri Harun The Relationship between Social Norms and Tax Compliance: The Moderating Role of the Effectiveness of Tax Administration (IJoES Vol. II / No. 3 / 2013) 224
Deriantino Elis Banking Competition and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Transmission: A Theoretical and Empirical Assessment on Indonesia Case (IJoES Vol. II / No. 3 / 2013) 225
Dijkstra Mark A. Economies of scale and scope in the European banking sector 2002-2011 226-261
Dobrynskaya Victoria Downside market risk of carry trades 262-306
Ferrer Rodiel C. & Tang Alger The Impact of Merger and Acquisition, Financial Ratios on Stock Price among the Industrial Firms in the Philippines 307-316
Franz Richard Macro-Based Parametric Asset Allocation 317-355
Gill Abid Rashid Growth Finance Nexus: A Case Study of Pakistan 356-362
Gozgor Giray Stochastic Properties of the Consumption-Income Ratios in Central and Eastern European Countries 363-373
Gupta P.K., Ravi Sunitha Commodity Futures Market Efficiency in India and Inflationary Impacts (IJoES Vol. II / No. 3 / 2013) 374
Haq S. Ghiasul Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Exports: A Case Study of Pakistan 375-397
Janíčko Martin Housing price changes, general equilibrium and welfare (IJoES Vol. II / No. 3 / 2013) 398
Kasman Adnan & Kasman Saadet Bank size, competition and risk in the Turkish banking industry 399-418
Khan Himayatullah An Empirical Investigation of Consumption Function under Relative Income Hypothesis: Evidence from Farm Households in Northern Pakistan (IJoES Vol. III No. 2, 2014) 419
Kloudová Dana & Maleček Petr Inflation Forecasting Using the Output Gap: The Case of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland 427-437
Kollar Miroslav A sketch of Macro-Based Asset Allocation (IJoES Vol. II / No. 3 / 2013) 438
Padungsaksawasdi Chaiyuth & Parhizgari A. M. Currency Exchange Traded Funds and Spot Rates during the Financial Crisis 439-457
Pincheira Pablo M. & Medel Carlos A. Forecasting Inflation with a Random Walk 458-482
Rankov Milovan Spill-over Effects of Mortgage Credit Crisis in USA on Europe 483-491
Salahi M. & Mehrdoust F. & Piri F. CVaR Robust Mean-CVaR Portfolio Optimization 492-505
Sienknecht Sebastian Inflation Persistence Amplification in the Rotemberg Model (IJoES Vol. II / No. 2 / 2013) 506
Skořepa Michal & Seidler Jakub An Additional Capital Requirement Based on the Domestic Systemic Importance of a Bank (IJoES Vol. II / No. 3 / 2013) 507
Srivastava Archana & Mathur Somesh Kumar Relative Prices, Trade, Technology and Wage Inequality – Evidence from
Srivastava Archana & Mathur Somesh Kumar &  Arora Rahul Industrial Heterogeneity and Trade Flows of India: A Fixed Effect Vector Decomposition Approach 566-586
Topcu Mert & Aras İlhan & Erdoğan Ebru A New Look at Military Expenditure-Growth Nexus in the EU: Old Members vs. New Members (IJoES Vol. II / No. 3 / 2013) 587
Vidučić Ljiljana & Vidučić Vinko & Boras D. & Šušak T. SME’s Business Environment: The Case of Croatia (IJoES Vol. II / No. 3 / 2013) 588
Wu Ming-Cheng & Chen Yu-Ju & Shih Bi-Ying An Exploratory Analysis of Cash Holdings and Pay-Performance Sensitivity before and after IFRS Adoption 589-605
Yano Koiti Zero lower bounds and a Stackelberg problem: Stochastic analysis of unconventional monetary policy 606-631

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