International Journal of Teaching & Education

International Journal of Teaching & Education, Vol. II, No. 2

Published in Prague

Date of publication:
June 20, 2014

Klára Čermáková, Tatiana Kubátová

Table of Content




Bellefeuille, G. , Ekdahl, C., Kent, L. & Kluczny, M. A course-based creative inquiry approach to teaching introductory research methods in child and youth care undergraduate education 01-09
Cicek, V. & Tok, H. Effective Use of Lesson Plans to Enhance Education in U.S. and Turkish Kindergarten thru 12th Grade Public School System: A Comparative Study 10-20
Ivan, E., Nagy E.
Do(s) and Don’t(s) in Teaching International Joint Courses 21-33
Homayouni, A.,  Gharib, K., Mazini, F. & Khamohammadi Otaghsara, A. Comparative investigation of mathematics anxiety and learning mathematics in male and female students of distance education system 34-38
Hyseni-Duraku, Z. Class Size, teaching quality and students’ level of satisfaction with their academic performance 39-46
Rameli, M. F. P., Aziz, M. R. A., Wahab, K. A. & Amin, S. M. The Characteristics of Muslimpreneurs from the view of Muslim Scholars and Academician 47-59
Sari, I., Ülgü, S. & Ünal, S. Materials Evaluation and Development: Syllabus, Setting and Learner Needs 60-65

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