International Journal of Social Sciences

International Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. II, No. 2

Published in Prague

Date of publication:
May 20, 2014

Klára Čermáková, Tatiana Kubátová

Table of Content

Asogwa, S. N., & Ugwunta, D. O.
Effects of Uncontrolled Fertility on the Nigerian Economic Growth

Collins, S., Arthur, N., & Brown, C.
Counsellor and Practicum Supervisor Critical Incidents in the Development of Multicultural and Social Justice Competency

Khaliq, A. A., & Mwachofi, A. K.
The Impact of Electronic Medical Records on Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety: Weight of Evidence or Wait for Evidence?

Koparal, C., & Çalık, N.
The Effect of Demographic and Psycho-graphical Traits on Consumers’ Leisure Travel Behavior: A Field Study from Eskisehir, Turkey

Li, X., Mao, C., Liu, X., & Zhang, R.
Application of Reception Aesthetic Theory to Advanced English Teaching Using Multimedia

Moreira, P., & Iao, C.
A Study on Destination Image and the Behavioral Factors of Destination Loyalty

Pal, P.
Russia’s „Security” Policy: Understanding the Change or Continuity

Salah, S.
Neck & LB Pains as Predictor of Psychological Stressors among UCAS Professional Workers

TenHaken, V., Kanda, M., & Meshkin, N.
Are Relationships the Key to Corporate Longevity? A Study of Behaviors of 100-Year-Old Companies

Uzule, L.
Regional Journalism in Latvia: Evolution of Journalist Professional Standards from Soviet Latvia to Post- Soviet Latvia

Zielenkiewicz, M.
Globalisation, European Integration and Institutional Changes

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