Emotional Intelligence among Employees of Government and Public Sectors

Sharma, D., & Mishra, I., & Sharma, V.

With time, the yardstick to measure the efficiency of a person has evolved and filtered into more refined format. Now, it not only includes the basic technical academic qualification but also the Emotional Intelligence which is considered to be an intangible attribute which has an overall control on the employees of an organization. So it becomes imperative to analyse this intelligence also. The main objective is to find out EQ level of employees working in public and government sectors in India and then to find the significance of sensitivity, maturity and competency between males and females responses. Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, assess, understand and control the emotions of oneself, others or groups. EI is taken as distinct group of mental abilities. The emergence of Emotional intelligence is way back from the time of Darwin who emphasized on the importance of emotional expression for survival. The term “ Emotional Intelligence “ was first used by WAYNE PAYNE in their doctoral thesis, “ A study of Emotion : Developing Emotional Intelligence “,1985. Then the publication of Daniel Goleman best sellar “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.” was a breakthrough in this field in 1995. The study was conducted by collecting responses of employees from government and public sectors through a standardize questionnaire and then the scoring was done for the three parameters. The relevance of the three parameters of Emotional Intelligence was checked and then the significance of male and female responses was checked. For analysis, Eviews and Excel was used. On the basis of the test done, no major difference between male and female responses was found for the three parameters of Emotional Intelligence. The main reason could be the facilities, amenities and easy environment of public and government sectors. It may differ in private sector. The work life balance is found better in the public and government sectors.



APA citation

  • Sharma, D., & Mishra, I., & Sharma, V., (2014). Emotional Intelligence among Employees of Government and Public Sectors. International Journal of Social Sciences, III(3), pp. 124-142.

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