Economic Situation and the Polish Households’ Behavior on the Financial Market

Garczarczyk, J. & Mocek, M. & Bialowas, S.

The extent to which households take advantage of financial services depends on many factors – both macroeconomic (the dynamics of the GDP growth, the level of inflation, the unemployment rate, wages, interest rates, the economic situation, the law, etc.) and microeconomic (education, the size of the household and its stage of development, current expenses, the size and structure of financial resources, the place of living, the consumption model, priorities in life, etc.). The aim of this article is to identify the impact of fluctuations in the business situation of the financial sector on the activity of Polish households in the financial market. The analysis includes the following factors influencing the market behaviours of households: financial institution selection factors, communication method between the clients and the financial institution, the rating of the quality of financial services offered. The analysis was conducted in Poland in a long period of time encompassing the years of 1995-2011, i.e. different economic situations. The source base for the empirical analysis was data coming from the quarterly research into the business situation of the financial sector and the annual national monitoring of households concerning the use of financial services. The organiser of both of the aforementioned research studies was the Marketing Research Department at the University of Economics in Poznan (presently, the Services and Market Research Department).



APA citation

  • Garczarczyk, J. & Mocek, M. & Bialowas, S., 2014. Economic situation and the Polish households’ behavior on the financial market. International Journal of Social Sciences, III(2), pp.33–49.

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