A Longitudinal Study on the Factors of Destination Image, Destination Attraction and Destination Loyalty

Moreira, P., & Iao, Ch.

Destination loyalty is identified as a universal concept with links to destination image. These links are derived from shared fundamental attributes that generate positive or negative effects on the attractiveness of a travel destination.
This research study approaches the concept of destination loyalty in relation to the factors of destination image and destination attraction through a longitudinal comparison of data of 2012 and 2013. A destination factors model is proposed. From the analysis, the integrator ‘Personal overall image of the destination’, the ultimate factor that reflects the destination image as a holographic complexity of perceptions, is confirmed as a regression target for a number of factors of the proposed theoretical model. Against the theoretical expectations, a significant effect of the integrator on travel decisions was not confirmed. Destination attributes associated with higher rankings and lower rankings revealed significant effects on the integrator. These attributes show the degree of perceived attraction on travelers and tourists and highlight the development priorities and the development performance of the destination. The proposed model and the isolated factors of destination image, destination attraction and destination loyalty allow a wide range of possible applications to the evaluation of performance and development of destinations, and enable the identification and consolidation of competitive advantages towards an evolution to a future scenario of economic sustainability.



APA citation

  • Moreira, P., & Iao, Ch., (2014). A Longitudinal Study on the Factors of Destination Image, Destination Attraction and Destination Loyalty. International Journal of Social Sciences, III(3), pp. 90-112.

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